Domestic Advice

Need more space but don’t want to move?

Over the last few years, many people have opted to extend their homes rather than move. It makes such good sense. If you love where you live, why go through the turmoil and upheaval of moving, when you can extend your existing home and enjoy the space now and put value on the house for the future?

domestic-adviceThe top six changes to a home which can add to its value are as follows:

1. The Kitchen – Weigh up the costs of moving to a bigger house against extending a one or two storey extension for a larger kitchen and new bedroom which will add substantially to your house.

2. A conservatory or glazed orangery often doesn’t need planning permission yet gives a large amount of space to the house for dining or play. Can often be linked to the kitchen, providing great light for cooking and parties and opening up in the summer.

3. A loft conversion can be one of the most cost-effective ways of adding space, particularly in a terraced house. Now that ‘Town Houses’ are being built using the loft, it is acceptable to have bedrooms and bathrooms in roof space.

4. Adding a bedroom can increase the market value of a property as well as make living so much more comfortable. However, be careful not to overextend for your area. A six bedroom house in a street of two and three bedroom houses will not recoup its value.

5. Add or update a bathroom. A new bathroom with excellent fittings will add value to your home. However it must be an accessible bathroom, rather than an ensuite.

6. The front of the house is the first and last impression when selling a house, so when you come to sell your house, make sure you spend money on repairing window frames, drains, soffits, roofs and a general once over.

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