Iheating-1s your building hot in summer and cold in winter?

Making sure that you and your staff are comfortable in work is vital. Temperature and air flow is something we take for granted, but when you’re too hot or cold or yawning regularly (a sign of not enough oxygen), productivity will suffer.

At Highland, we install and maintain separate and integrated systems for industrial and commercial customers as well as for new build domestic customers.
The most important use of HVAC is to standardise room temperature, air flow and humidity. This is essential within industrial and commercial premises, where health and safety regulations set standards for these levels.

Health and safety statistics show that temperature can affect people’s ability to work under extreme high or low temperature.

We can advise and recommend local or central heating systems using fuels which will be economical over decades. We have a range of options available, from traditional boilers to economical and ecological heat recovery systems.

It’s free and we take it for granted, but fresh air, like water and food is a necessity for living. Stagnant air can cause sickness and allergies. Maintaining an efficient ventilation system, especially near water systems, is very important, as little or no ventilation can cause the growth of bacteria and fungi.

heating-2Air Conditioning
Air conditioning units combine heating and cooling from one highly efficient system. Designed specifically for the needs of the building occupants Air conditioning is now the preferred choice of many clients over traditional Heating and Ventilating systems.

As with all our work, an experienced member of the management team will contact you at the start of the contract making sure that:

  • The project is on schedule
  • You are kept informed
  • Our work remains at our highest standard
  • We meet the budget we promise
  • We resolve any issues quickly